Tulikivi : Enjoy your savings with a Tulikivi Fireplace

Tulikivi : Enjoy your savings with a Tulikivi Fireplace

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Saving heat

Heat-accumulation represents the cream of heating technology. It is only logical that this technology is the most widely spread in cold countries like Finland, where it freezes up to less than -40°C every winter.

With a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace heat accumulation however remains the best option in countries with a more temperate climate. Already within half an hour of being fired, a Tulikivi radiates plenty of heat. Soapstone conducts heat much faster than firebrick and the double outer wall of a Tulikivi fireplace has a total thickness of only 9 cm (6+3 cm). Moreover, the laterally cut outer stones are always put in such a way that the grain of the stone follows the heat conduction.

Saving time

In a Tulikivi, the fire only has to burn for about 2 hours to provide you with 24 hours of heat. And you can chose yourself what timing suits you best. Most people will burn the fire in the evening, when they have the time to enjoy the play of the flames. The heat output needs no regulation, because the walls of your home will act as a heat-battery, so that room temperature will stay pretty stable all by itself.

Lighting the fire in a Tulikivi is very easy, because the remaining heat in the soapstone will create a strong natural draft. After lighting, a Tulikivi only needs to be refilled two times. Spending 5 minutes on your Tulikivi is already quite a lot.

Saving fuel

The burning efficiency of a Tulikivi varies between 85 and 95 %. So you will use 9 times less firewood compared to open fireplaces and 30 to 60 % compared to regular woodstoves.

Firewood is cheap, even if you cannot cut it by yourself. You can also easily burn wood of lesser quality in a Tulikivi, like pine or pallet wood. So your Tulikivi will save you more money every year than your deposit book.

When talking of burning efficiency, we are not even taking into account the fact that with the horizontal radiant heat of a Tulikivi, heat losses near the ceiling are much lower. That is why the heating capacity of a Tulikivi is always expressed in square meters and not in cubic meters. It simply requires less Kilowatts to heat a specific room with horizontal radiant heat. Radiant heat also does not disppear through cracks as warm air does.

Saving health

When during the winter time, the solar radiant heat fails, you can get a good substitute at home with the radiant heat of Tulikivi fireplaces. This infrared heat improves blood circulation, stabilises blood pressure, improves metabolism, strengthens bones, adds energy and offers better protection from infectious diseases. Doctors often prescribe the use of an infrared treatment to elderly people or youngsters that feel particularly weak at the end of winter.

Contrary to air heating, radiant heating creates less air and dust movements, does not burn dust, inhibits moulds and house mites and keeps air humidity stable. That is why radiant heat is often preferred by asthmatics.

Saving the environment

Without doubt, wood is the most ecological fuel if burned properly, as the burning of wood does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. This contrary to natural gas and other fossil fuels. Of course, many wood stoves do not burn wood properly. Their incomplete combustion produces many kinds of pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, sooth dust, etc, polycarbonates, etc...

In a Tulikivi the wood is burned under extra pressure, at temparatures that may be as high as 1000 °C and with an optimal unlimited oxygen supply. Because of the almost complete combustion of firewood in a Tulikivi, environmental conscious consumers no longer need to chose for natural gas. The burning efficiency in a Tulikivi may surpass that of a high-efficiency central heating system and the carbon monoxide content in the fumes is less than 0,1 %. And with this economical fireplace, there are enough forests to supply firewood, as long as we take good care of them.

Saving the future

Investing in a Tulikivi not only means earning more savings than with a deposit book. It represents an investment in fuel security, because there will always be a supply of firewood. On the contrary, the supply of fossil fuels like petrol or natural gas becomes less secure every year, with more and more conflicts occuring in the limited number of countries that produce them and with ever shrinking reserves. No fuel price will stay as stable in the future as that of firewood. And with a Tulikivi, heating with firewood offers a maximum of comfort.

Besides, your grand-children might still enjoy your Tulikivi, if you take proper care for it.

and enjoy ...

No deposit book can offer you as much enjoyment while saving as a Tulikivi can. Farout the most important reason why people love their Tulikivi is because of the highly agreable radiant heat, that they can enjoy day after day. Radiant heat offers the body a real heat transfer and that is why it feels so good. The horizontal direction of the heat radiation means you no longer need to chose between a too hot head or too cold feet.

The log fire is the oldest TV-program for young and old alike. And in a Tulikivi, it becomes so much more enjoyable. Because of the high temperatures inside a Tulikivi and because of the air-rinsing of the glass, the glass door of a tulikivi always remains clean.

You might at the least enjoy saving money ... there is no better option than Tulikivi.

For the list of international distributors of Tulikivi, click here.

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